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DBT Addiction Treatment Therapy in Malibu, CA

Addiction is a severe problem in the United States.

The surgeon general claimed that 1 in 7 people in the United States would deal with some sort of substance abuse problem in their lives.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a substance abuse problem, it’s never too early to start looking for treatment options. If you live in the Malibu, CA area, there is a great drug detox in Malibu at Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove with options for you.

We recommend making use of DBT therapy. But what exactly does DBT entail?

Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove will walk you through all you need to know about alcohol addiction treatment and drug abuse treatment in Malibu with DBT.

“If you can quit for a day, you can quit for a lifetime.” – Benjamin Alire Sáenz

DBT for addiction treatment in Malibu, CA | Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove

Why Use DBT at a Drug Rehab in Malibu, CA?

If you’re suffering from addiction, you might think you can resolve your addiction on your own with the proper determination. However, it’s not as simple as that.

Consider these popular excuses that people have for avoiding Dialectical Behavioral therapy. What you might think is a just reason could be another way your addiction plays a trick on you.

Addiction has ways of tricking your brain and making you act irrationally. If you’re in a place that inspired your drug abuse, still hang around with friends who encourage it/ engage in it, or simply don’t learn new tactics, you might fall back into old habits without realizing it.

In a drug and alcohol rehab in Malibu, you’ll learn the proper skills to reintegrate yourself into everyday life. However, it goes even deeper than that.

When you go to drug and alcohol rehab in Malibu, you make an active decision to change your life. The simple fact of you going to rehab will shock your system into knowing that something needs to change in your life.

The time you spend away from your standard situation allows you the time and place to consider where you want to move forward with your life.

Not only this, but you’ll also get to meet similar people who suffer from issues like yours. These people will be able to help you get through your illness. They might even become lifelong friends.

However, a good drug and alcohol rehab won’t just send you out into the world without any help. A good addiction treatment facility in Malibu, CA will set you up with therapists, support groups, and sober living communities to help you further progress.

Why DBT?

DBT stands for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. It’s one of the most popular addiction treatment methods today and is considered among the most effective.

You might have also heard of CBT — cognitive behavioral therapy. At first, their proximity to each other nominally might be confusing. However, it makes more sense when you learn that DBT is a type of CBT.

Essentially, CBT is a practical form of therapy seeking practical solutions rather than the more theoretical and philosophical psychoanalysis and deconstruction. It believes that emotions come from thoughts and that if you can replace negative thoughts in your brain with positive ones, you will start to feel better.

DBT is a form of CBT that’s all about the interaction between therapist and patient, as well as between the patient and other patients. It’s known for treating self-destructive behaviors such as addictions by getting people to understand precisely why they’re doing what they’re doing.

DBT is not afraid to be influenced by other methodologies. It famously embraces the practice of mindfulness and puts it into practice.

Mindfulness is all about learning to live in the present moment. This is a process of becoming in tune with everything you’re thinking and feeling. Knowledge is power, and when you understand yourself, you’re far more likely to succeed.

DBT also focuses on solving short-term problems as well as long-term issues. Of course, you want to focus on the long term, but mental health crises and sudden urges can send you down a dark path. This is why DBT gives you tactics for overcoming this.

DBT for addiction treatment in Malibu, CA | Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove

Why Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove?

Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove combines the best of DBT and drug rehab to try to provide the best treatment possible in Malibu, CA.

At the Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove, you’ll experience customized executive drug and alcohol rehab treatment in Malibu, CA, such as medical detox. Medical detox is extremely important. To make sure you can make it through the symptom of withdrawal without relapsing, we highly recommend it.

Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove also provides alternative approaches, such as yoga, meditation, massage, and music therapy. The best treatments are able to brace whatever might help a person move along in their life.

The atmosphere is overall a peaceful and relaxing one, which makes it ideal for those who live in stressful urban centers. It’s not just suitable for people around the area, but a great destination for anyone who’s looking to take a drug and alcohol rehab treatment. This is great for breaking cyclical patterns.

You can trust Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove because it’s one of the best executive drug and alcohol rehab programs in Malibu, California. There are more comfortable rooms than most and a chef that’s available to cook high-quality meals.

At the end of the day, Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove is the right option for you because it will provide the right environment for growth.

Continued Support From the Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove Community

Whether residents have completed alcohol rehab or drug rehab in Malibu at our tranquil community, we offer everyone the chance to participate in our alumni and aftercare program. They can connect with a mentor that has faced similar struggles and meet with other sober individuals who have completed our alcohol addiction treatment program in Malibu, California.

With this support system, former residents can feel confident venturing into Los Angeles’ robust addiction recovery community of over 3,000 recovery meetings. Relying on a safety net isn’t a sign of weakness — it’s the right and smart thing to do.

Understand DBT Addiction Treatment Therapy in Malibu

Addiction therapy is important for anyone suffering from an addiction. If you’re looking for addiction therapy, DBT might just be for you.

AT the end of the day, the Serenity Cove is the perfect option for anyone trying to not just become free of their drug addiction, but improve themselves.

“My experience at Malibu was terrific, the facility was beautiful very clean and neat, and very cozy. The staff was very knowledgeable about recovery and addiction overall. I have gained a lot of wise wisdom and knowledge over the duration of my stay. I definitely would recommend Malibu to a friend who is struggling with active addiction. I truly miss everyone there.”


Our Malibu, CA Detox Program

We want you to have the best experience during one of the toughest times in your life. At Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove we strive to meet your every expectation.

The Private Executive Detox in Malibu, CA

1. Detox in Malibu, CA

Malibu, CA, is world-famous for its beauty and beach. Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove is a drug and alcohol detox that allows you to embrace all the culture Malibu has to offer.

2. Fast Intake Service

Contact Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove to get access to our executive-level, private drug and alcohol detox and residential addiction treatment in Malibu.

3. Relax in Comfortable Settings

Private executive accommodations for the discerning client to ensure a comfortable setting to restart your life.

Medical Detox in Malibu, CA

The drug and alcohol detox and residential addiction treatment center at Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove, located in the heart of Malibu, CA, provides an environment that is conducive to a life-changing recovery from addiction.

Meth Detox and addiction treatment in Malibu, Ca | Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove

Take The First Step in Recovery

Finding the proper detox for drugs and alcohol in Malibu, CA, is essential to restart your life. At Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove, you have the opportunity to follow multiple pathways to recovery from addiction. You can be introduced to a spiritual path, SMART Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, 12 Step Programs, CBT, DBT, and more.

Find Who You Are Again

When drugs and alcohol take over your life it can feel like you will lose yourself. Friends and family may become distant. This can all change starting today with Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove's drug and alcohol detox and executive addiction treatment programs. 

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