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How to Find a Good Alcohol Detox for California

Did you know that statistics show that 50% of Americans drink alcohol monthly? Almost 16% binge drink, and another 6% drink heavily. Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances and reduces life expectancy. 

Have you wondered about alcohol detox programs and how treatment interventions such as CBT help? Alcohol detox and residential programs are crucial first steps on the path toward sobriety. 

Are you interested in getting started? Luckily, we have put together a complete guide for you! We will go over treatments for recovering from addictions and what detox and residential treatments include.

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What Is Alcohol Use Disorder?

Alcohol use disorder entails a person being addicted to alcohol. It is a medical condition when a person consumes too much alcohol. Eventually, the addiction begins causing adverse physical, mental, and emotional health. 

One of the key signs of a person with alcohol use disorder is how it impacts relationships and works. You may also notice this person having withdrawal symptoms when they suddenly stop drinking. 

Addiction Treatment Therapy for California

Alcohol addiction treatment in California can vary based on individual responses and facility. Here are some common treatments of alcohol rehab for California:

Most of these treatments involve evidence-based research. CBT and DBT are common psychotherapy treatments used in several rehabilitation programs. Before diving into the different types of detox center options and treatments, is rehab effective?

In one word: yes. The CDC and National Institute on Drug Abuse released statistics that discovered approximately 75% of people with addictions recover

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in Malibu, CA

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is used outside for patients addicted to alcohol. It is a popular therapy tool for mental health illnesses and addictions.

CBT reroutes negative thought patterns and behaviors. A skilled counselor or medical professional will help you develop positive thought patterns.

In return, CBT can help you with more than addiction and is commonly used for patients with co-occurring disorders. One study looked at how CBT interventions were used for:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Substance use disorders

They found that participants showed improvements in mindfulness, illness self-management, and more. 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in Malibu, CA

Dialectical behavioral therapy falls under the umbrella term CBT. While it differs slightly, it is a form of CBT that many patients find useful. DBT is primarily used for:

  • Treating self-destructive behaviors
  • Incorporating mindfulness
  • Developing patient to therapist relationships
  • Developing patient to patient relationships
  • Addressing short and long-term problems

Like CBT, it helps individuals replace negative thoughts. DBT is less philosophical and strives for practical solutions. 

DBT also includes group and individual therapy. The combination lets clients carry over skills into training groups. Ultimately, the goal is to reintegrate into real-world situations. 

Studies found that DBT is helpful for people with borderline personality disorder and self-harm. It has progressed to substance use issues, binge eating disorders, and more. 

Individual Therapy in Malibu, CA

Individual therapy entails meeting one-on-one with a certified therapist. The benefits of individual sessions are:

  • Privacy
  • Addresses underlying issues
  • Personalized

You can learn skills in individual sessions to help with group or family interventions. The privacy and seclusion of the setting often appeal to patients dealing with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues. 

Group Therapy in Malibu, CA

As the name sounds, group therapy is counseling or therapy sessions with several individuals. Group size may fluctuate, but it aids individuals to develop healthy relationships with other peers. 

Group therapy allows for better skills treatment sessions before diving into real-world scenarios. Other benefits of group therapy are:

  • Added support
  • Feedback
  • Skillbuilding
  • Openness

You may develop lasting friendships or feel empathy regarding others going through similar situations. 

Family Therapy in Malibu, CA

Family therapy functions similarly to group therapy. You can meet individually with a counselor before sessions with family members. It can mend relationships and promote coping skills at home. 

Spiritual Therapy in Malibu, CA

For some patients, spiritual therapy or spirituality is a critical component of rehabilitation. Spiritual therapy helps patients connect larger meaning to life. Patients may feel greater connections to spiritual beings or individual awakenings. 

The ultimate goal of spiritual therapy is to help patients recognize there are positive and healthy ways to achieve sobriety. 

What Is Drug and Alcohol Detox in Malibu, CA?

Drug detox for California residents follows similar guidelines as an alcohol rehab center. Detox includes stopping the use of a substance until it entirely leaves your body. There are a few reasons you want qualified detox center staff options when going through alcohol or drug rehab for California patients:

  • Medical support
  • Close monitoring
  • Reduced risk for relapse

Common alcohol withdrawal symptoms are anxiety, insomnia, and abdominal pain. As symptoms progress past the first 24 hours, people could develop:

  • High blood pressure
  • Abnormal heart rate
  • Confusion
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures

These are medical emergencies and require medication-assisted treatment or vital monitoring. The benefits of detoxing centers are helping people safely through withdrawal symptoms. It sets the tone for future rehab treatments.

Drug and Alcohol Residential Addiction Treatment in California

Here are some tips for finding drug and alcohol residential addiction treatment in California:

  • Read online reviews
  • Ask family and friends for recommendations
  • Ask about qualifications and licensure
  • Ask about treatment and rehab options

Following a detox in California program, it is ideal for patients to continue rehab in a residential setting. Inpatient stays can reduce:

  • Relapse rates
  • Drug or alcohol cravings
  • Suicide risks
  • Harm towards others
  • Adverse symptoms

You or a loved one will also benefit from accessing skilled and qualified staff who help you toward long-term sobriety. 

Finding an Alcohol Detox Center

Alcohol detox and residential centers can get you back on your feet and mend broken relationships. Treatment interventions like CBT and DBT have shown excellent success with substance use. 

At Alcohol and Detox Addiction Treatment in Malibu, CA, we specialize in detox programs. After safely completing detox, we can get you set up with a residential stay. Our inpatient program allows you to continue working with our highly skilled and qualified staff. 

Don’t wait any longer. Contact us today and find out how you can start turning your life around.