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Is Tapering or Cold Turkey the Best Solution for Addictions?

Over 20 million individuals have an alcohol addiction. Alcoholism is one deadly form of addiction some Americans face daily. Unfortunately, alcohol and drug addiction have claimed the lives of many people.

If you or a loved one have a substance addiction, there are certain approaches to control it.

These include addiction treatment therapy for Malibu, CA,

Often, people who have substance addictions ask if they should taper off or quit cold turkey. Continue to read to learn about each method and how treatments can be beneficial in the recovery process.

Types of Addiction Treatments in Malibu, CA

All the treatments mentioned above have had great success in treating addictions. Approaches will vary depending on the individual’s personality and the addiction itself.

Addiction Treatment Therapy for Malibu, CA

Addiction treatment therapy describes different addiction treatments. These addiction treatments include medications and behavioral activities. Often, substance abuse recovery plans incorporate a combination of both.

Medication-Assisted Treatments vary depending on specific substance addictions. Prescribed medications that can help with alcoholism include acamprosate and disulfiram. Buprenorphine is a common medication prescribed to individuals with drug addiction.

Behavioral exercises include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, individual therapy, and group therapy.

CBT Therapy in Malibu, CA

Cogitative behavioral therapy refers to traditional talk-based therapy. Addicts can express their feelings through conversations with a therapist. These discussions will help individuals recognize the negative effects of their addiction.

Once addicts understand how their mental state is affected by the addiction, they can work towards goals to change their mindset. The therapist and patient will collaborate and set reasonable goals.

A critical part of setting goals is creating a defense plan. Addicts will need to have a sense of security when negative emotions enter their minds. There will be inevitable moments of desire and addicts will use this defense plan to help say no.

CBT will help addicts decide whether to taper off or quit cold turkey. Cogitative behavioral therapy will require multiple sessions and firm dedication.

DBT Therapy in Malibu, CA

Dialectical behavior therapy is a specialized version of CBT. It can be conducted in one-on-one sessions, in group settings, or by phone. DBT helps to improve the addict’s mindset.

DBT is all about practical approaches. With DBT, individuals learn how to embrace the present.

This is great for substance addicts because they can recognize that the decisions they make now have an impact. Whether they decide to taper off or quit cold turkey, these decisions can be made now. Life-saving changes do not have to wait until the future.

DBT also provides addicts with different approaches to handling stress, frustration, and aggravation. Having an addiction can be mentally exhausting. DBT will help addicts develop a more positive attitude and appreciate the progress they have made thus far.

Individual Therapy in Malibu, CA

Individual therapy refers to one-on-one treatment. This treatment can be conducted in person, virtually, or by phone.

Individual therapy is beneficial for many reasons. It is confidential and private.

Some individuals with addictions want to talk with a therapist only and not share emotions publicly. This is completely understandable.

Is Tapering or Cold Turkey the Best Solution for Addiction Treatment?

One of the most attractive attributes of individual therapy is that the experience is tailored to the individual. Individual therapy also allows for deeper analysis and discussions. Since therapists can focus on the individual, more of their past will be explored.

Being able to spend considerable time exploring the individual’s past will better determine the roots of the addiction. Addictions, at times, are coping mechanisms for traumatic experiences, a troubled childhood, and toxic relationships.

Group Therapy in Malibu, CA

Some individuals with substance addictions prefer a group setting. Group therapy has experienced great success due to its benefits. Creating a community is core to a group therapy session.

Individuals who thrive on interaction and socialization may find a group setting less daunting than individual therapy. It may be hard for someone to speak with a therapist alone.

As the group therapist or leader begins to encourage a sense of community, individuals will recognize that they are all dealing with similar issues. In turn, this will cause them to relate and feel empathy for one another.

In a group setting, individuals can connect and develop a strong support system. This can be so empowering for individuals who have a substance addiction.

An additional benefit to group therapy is that individuals can receive real-time feedback and encouragement from peers.

Family Therapy in Malibu, CA

Addictions can not only affect an individual but a whole family. With family therapy, an addict and members of their family can have a meaningful conversation alongside a therapist.

Family members can be honest with the individual and explain how the addiction has affected them. When an individual with an addiction recognizes the consequences of their actions, this can further incentivize them to tackle the addiction head-on.


Spirituality can be a helpful aid in treating individuals with substance addictions. At the core of the human psyche are the mind, body, and spirit. Participating in a form of spiritual interaction can bring a sense of peace.

Spirituality encompasses many different faiths, practices, and feelings. One’s faith or creed is completely personal. If an individual with a substance addiction wants to grow in their faith, this is highly encouraged.

Some individuals do not have a specific faith and that is completely alright. Spiritual activities such as meditation can be very uplifting and relaxing.

Taper Off or Quit Cold Turkey?

An individual’s decision to taper off or quick cold turkey will be dependent on two critical factors:

  • their personality
  • the substance they are addicted to

Certain illicit drugs like heroin or meth can be very challenging to stop using. When an individual begins to detox, they will go through withdrawal and experience uncomfortable side effects.

These side effects can be dangerous depending on the substance and the length of the addiction. This is why it may be in the best interest of the individual to take baby steps and taper off.

Personality has a large role to play. Some individuals need to stop completely. If they try to taper, they may have higher chances of relapse. Often, smokers with addictive personalities decide to quit cold turkey.

Alcohol and Drug Detox in Malibu, CA

After participating in behavioral activities, a core part of treatment is detox. Fentanyl Detox in Malibu, CA | Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove drug and alcohol detox and residential addiction treatment centerPatients will be tapered off substances and be required to detox. When an individual has finally tapered off a substance without relapse, the addiction is in a controllable place.

Detoxes result in more effective drug rehab for California residents.

Substance Addiction Residential Treatment in Malibu, CA

People with substance addictions have great resources to rely on to help combat addiction. One opportunity is to go to a residential treatment center. During an individual’s stay, he or she will participate in behavioral exercises, take medications if prescribed, and begin to detox.

These treatment centers can be the culminating step to finally managing addiction. Sometimes it is most effective to take a step away from daily life and focus on controlling an addiction. This is the experience a treatment center can provide.

Residential treatment centers will offer both drug rehab and alcohol rehab for California residents.

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From alcohol addiction treatment to drug addiction support, there are programs that are designed to make a difference.

With approaches such as addiction treatment therapy for California, CBT, DBT, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and spirituality, a new beginning is around the corner.

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