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Opioid Detox and Addiction Treatment in Malibu, CA

Opioids have ravaged the American landscape.

Starting with pill mills and marketing tactics that benefited the pharmaceutical companies. It was all too easy for many people to become addicted to opioids without even knowing. Simply getting injured could become a debilitating addiction to opioids. Because of this many individuals who would never consider a drug and alcohol detox in Malibu, now may need one to simply stop using their prescription.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 35 million people worldwide suffer from substance abuse disorders. However, only 1 in 7 seek the addiction treatment needed to recover from drugs and alcohol.

It’s possible that they don’t have access to the appropriate level of healthcare, but it’s more likely that they don’t know that help is available to them.

The benefits of our executive opioid detox in Malibu are many, We’ll also discuss the benefits of residential treatment following detox.

 “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” – Jimmy Dean

Opioid Detox and Addiction Treatment in Malibu, CA provided by Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove

1. Rid Your Body of Harmful Toxins

The first step in addiction recovery is removing all of the harmful toxins and chemicals from your body. It’s important to utilize the services of our opioid detox center in Malibu with medical staff available. Rapid opioid detox can be dangerous and deadly without medical treatment.

Opioid Detoxification is important to ensure that the body is stable and ready to go through the therapeutic processes. The brain, however, doesn’t exactly like the sudden end to the substances that it is used to. This shift towards Opioid detox will cause individuals to experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

The Opioid detox process may last from seven to ten days depending on certain factors. This includes how much of a substance is in their system, how severe their withdrawal symptoms are, and the condition of their mental and physical health. An individual’s medical history, age, and gender can also affect how quickly the toxins will leave the body.

2. Alleviate the Painful Symptoms of Opioid Withdrawal at Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove

During this time, you might experience Opioid withdrawal symptoms and want to give up. It might feel like your best option is returning to the substance you were addicted to, but it’s not. The symptoms of withdrawal might not seem life-threatening (i.e., vomiting and diarrhea), but the rapid dehydration that results from this can be very dangerous.

If you are in our Malibu opioid detox center, you can rest assured knowing that medical professionals will monitor you around the clock. Because of this care, they can administer medication to make the withdrawal a little more manageable.

3. Reduce the Risk of Relapse

Having the support of an entire medical staff allows you to get through the withdrawal symptoms, and it also increases your chances of achieving long-lasting recovery. Without this support, you might struggle to stay away from your drug of choice.

Relapse prevention is achieved by taking medication to stave off the withdrawal symptoms and cravings. A medical specialist will taper off the dose of medicine over time so that by the time you’ve completed rehabilitation, you no longer have to rely on the medication.

4. Establish a Healthy Routine or Structure

Addiction is a disease that affects the entire body—it requires a holistic approach to recovery that lasts. Once you’ve gone through detox, you should consider moving into a residential addiction treatment facility like our drug detox in Malibu. There you will be able to continue your treatment without any additional distractions.

The addiction treatment facility will help to integrate a structure or routine into your life. You’ll go to bed simultaneously every night and wake up at the same time every morning. Your days will be filled with drug or alcohol addiction treatment at our alcohol rehab in Malibu, including attending therapy sessions and taking medication.

There are several different options for addiction treatment therapy on the road to recovery. You might have several sessions in one day, although not all of these sessions will be the same. You can expect to go to individual addiction treatment therapy sessions and group addiction treatment sessions with your peers.

These sessions will encourage you to develop new, healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with life problems. Even when you complete therapy, you will have to continue incorporating these things into your life.

Opioid Detox and addiction treatment in Malibu, CA | Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove
Opioid Detox and addiction treatment in Malibu, CA | Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove

5. Create a Support System

When seeking drug and alcohol detox and addiction treatment in Malibu, CA, it’s important to have a group of people around you that understand what you are going through. This support system will be made up of your peers in recovery from addiction and the mental health professionals who help you along the way. Your peers and the medical staff have been with you during your journey through drug rehab in Malibu.

Your support system can also include family members and friends as long as they don’t stand to compromise your newfound sobriety. You will have to determine if they played a damaging role in your past or if they will encourage your sobriety.

It is essential to communicate what you expect from your support system—you might even consider asking them to join you for family therapy.

6. Repair Your Relationships

Once you’ve gotten to the root of your drug use (and any residual mental health issues) through therapy and treatment, you will begin to reintroduce yourself to your family and your friends. At this point, you might even go back to work or start on the path to a new career.

Accountability is necessary to improve or repair your relationship with anyone that your addiction affected. Your relationships may require taking a look back at your mistakes and realizing the role that you may have played in them. You and your family will need to accept that there is a problem, and you must take responsibility for your actions.

Opioid Detox in Malibu

Opioid detox is just the first in many steps to your journey to lasting sobriety. Our main goal at Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove is to help you (or a loved one) find lasting freedom from their addictions. We can do this by treating the whole body rather than just the symptoms of addiction.

Continued Support From the Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove Community

Whether residents have completed alcohol rehab or drug rehab in Malibu at our tranquil community, we offer everyone the chance to participate in our alumni and aftercare program. They can connect with a mentor that has faced similar struggles and meet with other sober individuals who have completed our alcohol addiction treatment program in Malibu, California.

With this support system, former residents can feel confident venturing into Los Angeles’ robust addiction recovery community of over 3,000 recovery meetings. Relying on a safety net isn’t a sign of weakness — it’s the right and smart thing to do.

Take the First Step Into Sobriety With Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove

From providing drug detox in Malibu, California, to harboring lifelong connections between people who truly understand each other, Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove is here to help. If you have any questions about insurance, accommodations or admissions, contact our Malibu alcohol addiction treatment center today. Our patients and their loved ones are at the heart of everything we do. Rest assured that all communications and treatments are confidential, professional and tailored to you.

“My experience at Malibu was terrific, the facility was beautiful very clean and neat, and very cozy. The staff was very knowledgeable about recovery and addiction overall. I have gained a lot of wise wisdom and knowledge over the duration of my stay. I definitely would recommend Malibu to a friend who is struggling with active addiction. I truly miss everyone there.”


Our Malibu, CA Detox Program

We want you to have the best experience during one of the toughest times in your life. At Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove we strive to meet your every expectation.

The Private Executive Detox in Malibu, CA

1. Detox in Malibu, CA

Malibu, CA, is world-famous for its beauty and beach. Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove is a drug and alcohol detox that allows you to embrace all the culture Malibu has to offer.

2. Fast Intake Service

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3. Relax in Comfortable Settings

Private executive accommodations for the discerning client to ensure a comfortable setting to restart your life.

Medical Detox in Malibu, CA

The drug and alcohol detox and residential addiction treatment center at Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove, located in the heart of Malibu, CA, provides an environment that is conducive to a life-changing recovery from addiction.

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Take The First Step in Recovery

Finding the proper detox for drugs and alcohol in Malibu, CA, is essential to restart your life. At Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove, you have the opportunity to follow multiple pathways to recovery from addiction. You can be introduced to a spiritual path, SMART Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, 12 Step Programs, CBT, DBT, and more.

Find Who You Are Again

When drugs and alcohol take over your life it can feel like you will lose yourself. Friends and family may become distant. This can all change starting today with Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove's drug and alcohol detox and executive addiction treatment programs. 

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