Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment Programs

After the preliminary detox, you will work with a dedicated therapist or psychotherapist who will help you uncover and attempt to overcome the root causes of your addiction – the situations or experiences that caused you to use in the first place.

Once you are ready to return home, a carefully considered after-care plan will be provided to you, with your input, to help you maintain your recovery at home. We want you to succeed, and will do everything within our power to help you do so.

We embrace addiction and the concurring mental health aspect of the disease. We believe working on all of these factors; physical, spiritual, emotional wellness, the mind-body-soul-connection; is the recipe for success.

Our expert, industry-leading staff members will work closely with you during all stages of your stay and tailor your treatment to your needs, making any adjustments required to ensure that you succeed.

We employ a range of traditional and alternative treatments in our programs.

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