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Residential Addiction Treatment in Malibu, CA

The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics estimates that over 160 million Americans suffer from drug abuse. Of these sufferers, roughly 15 million of them have an alcohol use disorder. These addictions led to 700,000 deaths since 2020.

With grim statistics like these, it’s vital to know how to find the treatment services that can stop this sad decline. Are you looking for a residential addiction treatment center in Malibu?

If you are, then check out this article. Let us help you see what you should consider when reviewing different addiction treatment programs. You will begin to see that no two treatment programs are exactly alike.

“Every worthy act is difficult. Ascent is always difficult. Descent is easy and often slippery.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Residential addiction treatment in Malibu, CA | Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove

Types of Addiction

Ready to start your research on substance use disorder treatment formats? If so, there are some facts you should become familiar with about the disease itself. Addictions come in two different types. These types include:

Behavioral Addiction

This form of addiction involves compulsive behaviors. This behavior is persistent and often repeated. A victim may repeat this behavior even when it doesn’t bring any immediate benefit.

Chemical Addiction

This refers to addiction that involves the use of the substance or chemical, itself. These chemicals can include anything from nicotine to alcohol.

Signs of Addiction

The behavioral and physical signs of substance addiction can be shocking at first. These signs include behavioral and physical symptoms.

Behavioral symptoms include:

  • Constant fatigue
  • Increased irritability or hostility
  • Manipulating others
  • Changes to priorities or habits
  • Depression
  • Criminal behavior

Physical symptoms include:

  • Body odors
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Garbled speech
  • Rapid weight loss or gain
  • Dilated pupils

All of these symptoms are signs that you or your loved one needs help.

Factors For Choosing Addiction Treatment Providers

Do you or someone you love suffer from addiction? Need help choosing drug rehabilitation services? Here are some factors to consider when doing so.

Addiction Treatment Formats

When it comes to drug or alcohol addiction treatment in Malibu, there are many types of treatment formats available. Here is a summary of some current examples of formats in treatment centers in Malibu today. Study these formats carefully so you can choose the one that’s right for your case.

Inpatient Treatment Programs

An inpatient treatment program is usually located within a hospital. The hospital facility watches those patients 24 hours a day who aren’t safe to be left by themselves. These patients need round-the-clock observation to help stabilize their symptoms.

Outpatient Treatment Program

An outpatient treatment center offers tests and other medical services for patients. These patients aren’t required to spend the night.

A patient usually has either a 1 or 2 hour-long session, once or twice per week. These sessions take place either in a clinic or in an office location.

Residential addiction treatment in Malibu, CA | Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove
Residential addiction treatment in Malibu, CA | Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove

Residential Treatment Centers

Residential addiction treatment centers are home-like health care facilities. These facilities specialize in providing therapy for behavioral problems. They also address substance abuse or eating disorders.

These treatment centers deliver their rehabilitation services in a variety of formats. These formats can include social support groups, group therapy, or individual therapy sessions.

Within the residential substance abuse treatment center model, there are additional approaches to patient care. A residential addiction treatment program might specialize in one of the following formats:

Short-term Residential Treatment

A short-term residential treatment program offers a thorough but short period of intervention. Most programs only last from several days to six weeks, depending on the patient’s condition and needs.

A patient at a short-term residential treatment center lives onsite. They are required to take part in a rigorous agenda of recovery-centered activities.

The patient also undertakes medical detoxification. Detoxification takes place under the watchful eye of an experienced staff member. Patients must also take part in individual as well as group therapy sessions.

Long-term Residential Treatment

A long-term residential treatment program usually lasts on average between 6 and 12 months long. A patient in one of these programs often has a host of serious critical symptoms.

These serious symptoms can range from suicidal tendencies to other severe psychological disorders. Structured treatments are available for different client populations. These populations can range from incarcerated inmates to patients with personality disorders.

Patients admitted to long-term term rehab centers will also receive additional support services. These services range from tutoring to speech therapy.

Long-term residential patients usually stay for longer periods of time. These lengths of stay often depend on the severity of their conditions. Both long and short term treatment models help patients stop the cycle of abuse.

Length of Treatment

Find out how long treatment services will last. Do patients need to take a month or more off from their jobs?

Some treatment programs will accommodate their client’s current commitments and schedules. As referenced above, recovery might last anywhere between 24 hours to one year.

Assess your commitment level. Consider your comfort level to determine which treatment duration is right for you. Conquering your addiction is important, but so is meeting life’s other obligations as well.


An addiction treatment center might specialize in treating specific types of addiction. For example, drug rehab in Malibu focuses on either ecstasy, cocaine, or crack addictions. They’ll design their treatment services in response to these unique addictions.

Other centers focus on treatment programs for those suffering from Benzodiazepine or other prescription drug addictions. The point is that different addictions require a different treatment strategy.

Sometimes receiving the wrong treatment format will make the patient’s condition worse. If you are interviewing drug addiction treatment providers, ask them which substance addictions their treatment strategies address.

Residential addiction treatment in Malibu, CA | Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove
Residential addiction treatment in Malibu, CA | Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove

Treatment Strategies

Addiction is a frightening yet curable disease. There is no single treatment that’s appropriate for every patient. Yet, successful residential substance abuse treatment strategies usually contain some common characteristics.

A treatment intervention should address the individual patient’s specific symptoms. For example, drug addiction rehab in Malibu starts with a complete assessment of the patient’s mental and physical state.

Then these professionals use this assessment as a starting point to create the patient’s treatment plan. The treatment plan should also contain goals and timelines for patients to meet those goals.

Treatment plans should also list ways a patient can keep in contact with their family members and friends to receive support. It’s also an important task to regularly review and update a patient’s treatment plan as needed based. This is important to follow the patient’s progress made towards reaching these goals.

Effective treatment strategies should also include a combination of prescribed medications and psychotherapy. Psychotherapy can be offered to patients in either an individual or group setting.

Insurance Coverage

Addiction treatment expenses might be automatically covered by your insurance. This will depend on your plan’s current health network.

When you research drug addiction treatment in Malibu centers, find ones that are covered by your current insurance plan. You can check our website to see if your insurance provider is a part of our current insurance network.

If you use a treatment center that’s outside of your network, you might have to pay a lot more than your regular deductible payment. These treatment bills will run into thousands of dollars. You’ll be responsible for paying these bills within your current household budget.

Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove

When you attend our residential addiction treatment program in Malibu, CA, you will be treated to a private executive experience. This spiritual getaway will help you achieve the journey to recovery from addiction. Helping you feel fulfilled and free.


Check Reviews and Ask for References

Feedback from a graduate of alcohol rehab in Malibu can be a huge resource for you. These graduates understand the journey you’re on. They have directly experienced the services provided.

Look for sites that share feedback and comments on their services from their recent graduates. Some sites also have a graduate network or social media site that you can join.

Ask these brave heroes your toughest questions. Then you’ll know if you’re getting the best treatment available.

Next Steps for Residential Addiction Treatment in Malibu

Talk to your doctor. Ask them for feedback on residential addiction treatment in Malibu that addresses your specific addiction.

Verify your professional and personal time commitments. Then you’ll see if residential in or outpatient treatment centers will work for you.

Contact your insurance company to get the details on your provider’s coverage. If you see a treatment provider, outside your network, start budgeting funds today. Then you’ll be sure you can pay for these costs if you sign up for their program.

You can also check our website for more addiction treatment resources. We may have the facts you need to beat your addictions. Start living a healthier life today.

My experience at Malibu was amazing, the facility was beautiful very clean and neat and very cozy. The staff were very knowledgeable about recovery and addiction over all. I have gained a lot of wise wisdom and knowledge for the duration of my stay. I definitely would recommend Malibu to a friend who is struggling with active addiction. I truly miss everyone there.


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The drug and alcohol detox and residential addiction treatment center at Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove, located in the heart of Malibu, CA, provides an environment that is conducive to a life-changing recovery from addiction.

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