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What Are the Odds of Staying Sober from Drugs and Alcohol?

It’s estimated that roughly half of the American population uses alcohol. That statistic would get larger if we were to include all those who use drugs as well. 

Around ten percent of those individuals, on average, will develop a substance abuse issue. 

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can be incredibly difficult to recover from. Sobriety is a possibility, but there’s a bit of a struggle ahead of you. Recovery is the absolute best thing you can do for your health and wellness, but many people don’t think they can do it. 

We’re going to explore how to increase your odds of getting sober today with some tips and tricks. We’ll also look at options of addiction treatment therapy for California residents. Let’s get started. 

First Things First: What Are The Odds of Staying Sober?

This is a complicated question, but it’s one worth thinking about. 

How many people actually succeed when they try to get sober, and how many people relapse? That all depends on the sort of support systems you give yourself. It also depends on your own situation, your effort, and the drive that you have to remain over. 

It’s difficult to say precisely what the average percentages are, but we can get some insight from AA’s data. 

AA is an effective program for many individuals, but it is by no means the only option. Further, it’s certainly not the most comprehensive option that you have for treatment. Alcohol rehab for California residents is a more comprehensive option. 

The same goes for Drug rehab in California residents. A drug addiction treatment facility in Malibu, CA gives you a number of additional tools that increase your chances of staying sober. 

At the end of the day, a statistic about the average person in recovery doesn’t do a lot to account for your situation. You know who you are and what it will take for you to get sober. 

Addiction is an insidious disease, though. It affects your mind and plays tricks on you. With that in mind, there are things you can do while your head is clear so that you’re less likely to succumb to the temptation of addiction. 

Let’s look at some things that will boost your success rate. 

Individual Therapy: CBD or DBT

Cognitive-behavioral therapy or dialectical behavioral therapy are excellent aids in recovery. 

It’s extremely difficult to identify your causes of addiction without a little help. Addiction often emerges from a web of trauma, pain, mental illness, and more. Those are things that our minds try to avoid

Working through those issues with a professional counselor can help you get to a point where drugs or alcohol don’t seem like reasonable solutions to your internal pain. Alcohol addiction treatment centers typically have on-site counselors who can work with you. 

Family Therapy & Group Therapy

If your addiction stems from issues with your family, therapy is an excellent route to take. Difficulty with family members as well as exposure to drugs and alcohol via your family are serious issues to address. 

Further, addiction leads many of us down roads that cause us to behave poorly to the ones we love. There might be a lot of damage that we’re left to deal with. 

Counseling is a great way for you and your family to work through the experiences you’ve had and come to a place where you can move forward. 

Group therapy is another way to make your recovery more of social interaction. Talking with others about what you’re going through is an excellent way to put your experiences into perspective. Rather than feeling alone in your struggle, you’ll find that many other people are going through similar experiences. 

This is one of the reasons that AA is such an effective program. Talking with others and finding community is an important aspect of recovery. Further, having a social network of support gives you individuals to lean on when you’re feeling weak. 

A Form of Spirituality 

Even if you’re not religious, it’s hard to deny that spirituality and a belief in something larger can give people strength. Engaging your form of spirituality might be something that gets you through those particularly dark times. 

Further, deepening your spirituality could help you enjoy your life more and put the importance of sobriety into a clearer context. 

Addressing Your Triggers Thoroughly

Many times, people relapse because they’re exposed to a trigger. 

It’s rare that someone strong in their sobriety would choose “choose to relapse.” It doesn’t really work like that. 

Instead, they might drive past their old dealer’s house by accident. They might see an ex-girlfriend and have a negative experience, causing them to go sit at the bar. It could also be the case that there are people in the individual’s life who don’t respect their sobriety and pressure them to drink.

All of these triggers are very serious. Each one, however small, poses a threat of relapse. If you’re caught on the worst of days, the smallest little trigger could blossom into a full-fledged craving that causes a relapse. 

The solution is preparation. What are you going to do if you see that old ex-partner? Where will you go on a Friday night if all of your friends are drinking? 

Most importantly, what are you going to do when you’re feeling weak and you’re running out of willpower? Who can you call when that happens? 

These are things that will improve your chances of a full recovery. After a while, you’ll get into the swing of sobriety and you won’t need as many supports. Until then, you need to use all of the tools in your arsenal to stay healthy. 

Need Addiction Treatment Therapy for California Residents? 

We hope our look at addiction statistics and tips for recovery were helpful. There’s a lot more to learn, though. We’re here to help you with more ideas on getting sober and staying that way. 

Contact us to learn more about addiction treatment therapy for California, sobriety insights, drug detox for California residents, and much more.