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What is the Hardest Part of Overcoming Addiction in Ohio?

When you first start the process of overcoming addiction it can be very daunting and almost seem impossible. It’s a disease, not a character flaw or a weakness of personality.

What is the Hardest Part of Overcoming Addiction in Ohio? | Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove Drug and Alcohol Detox and Residential Addiction TreatmentWhen someone is addicted to substances like heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamines, it’s impossible to know what drives them to take that first hit. But once they have taken that first hit and felt the rush of the drug coursing through their veins, all sense of reason and moderation seems to leave them with no option but to continue taking more drugs to feel the same high.

This is the moment when most people give up on themselves and their recovery — cravings that are so strong they can only be satisfied by relapsing back into using chemicals that have devastating effects on the body and mind.

Overcoming addiction is created from seven distinct phases that follow one another in order, from starting out to ending the process. Let’s discuss the hardest parts of overcoming addiction like receiving CBT treatment.

Overcoming Addiction and the Disease Condition

To overcome an addiction to drugs and alcohol, you must first realize you have one. The first step to recovery is understanding your motivations for using drugs and how they affect you.

Once you know what triggers your cravings, you can identify any areas of weakness and work on strengthening these areas to create a more effective you.

Overcoming an addiction is a process of gradual change. The first step is to recognize that you have an addiction. Once you have that diagnosis, you must address the root causes of your addiction.

Once you have identified these factors, you can take steps to address them.

The 5 Stages of Addiction Recovery

There are 5 stages of recovery that appear in the recovery process of any type of health issue. The same holds true for addiction: each stage represents a different phase of overcoming drug addiction. As we get closer to breaking free of our addiction, the stages of recovery get stronger.

The first step in recovery is admitting that you need help. Until you’re ready to receive treatment, you will not be open to learning the lessons you need to learn.

The next stage is taking the steps necessary to seek addiction treatment therapy for Ohio. This could mean making a list of treatment options and doing your research about the different types of therapies the facility offers, such as:

Next, you begin to prepare yourself to enter drug detox for Ohio. You’ve started to begin taking action and realize that you’re about to make an active change in your life.

The fourth step is going into treatment and learning the different lessons, such as identifying your triggers and creating ways to cope with them. The length of time you spend in treatment will depend on how you’re progressing through the treatment plan.

The last and final step is maintaining your recovery, which could mean entering a transitional sober living home based on the suggestions of your care coordinator.

Get Help From Family & Friends

You will be dependent on your friends and family during your alcohol addiction treatment for support throughout the treatment time.

Ask your friends and family if they’re willing to get you help, especially if there are signs of enabling and codependency in your family. If they can’t help you, or they don’t know where to get in touch with help, you could always ask a professional for help.

Many addiction facilities for alcohol rehab for Ohio have recovery groups that you could join, or you could always call a friend or family member who knows about recovery and ask if they would be willing to get you help.

Go to Addiction Treatment Therapy

Therapy can be a great way to decompress after a tough drug rehab for Ohio. It helps you understand what happened in your past and teaches you skills to prevent going back to drinking.

You might want to look into 12-step groups in your area to see if there’s a meeting near you. Read up on any spirituality techniques you can use to stay abstinent and make sure you’re actively participating in your recovery by practicing them regularly.

Find a Sponsor

Many people turn to recovery organizations when they can’t or don’t want to go to therapy. You can find dozens of recovery organizations online. These organizations offer meetings, education, and peer support groups that you can join or attend as a member.

Find a local detox for Ohio group and meet people who are going through the same thing as you are. Sponsors help keep you accountable in your recovery and can guide you through the post-recovery process.

Take Care of Yourself

During your recovery from addiction, you will have many mental and physical (and sometimes emotional) health challenges. Make sure you stay active and take care of yourself so you can best help your recovery.

Exercise is a great way to decompress and clear your mind. If you don’t exercise, you could develop a resistance to stress and feel overwhelmed. Other than that, try to do everything you can so you can help your mental and physical health get better before you start drinking again.

CBT, DBT, and Other Ways to Overcome Addiction

Residential addiction treatment in Malibu, CA | Malibu Seaside Serenity CoveOvercoming addiction can be a challenge for anyone no matter what stage of recovery you’re in. Many facilities offer different forms of therapy, such as CBT for you to participate in.

Are you ready to take back your life and enter recovery? Get in touch with Malibu Seaside Serenity Cove.